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Did You Know...

Smart Detection Systems are a requirement in major cities to elicit a police response.

(Toronto, Ontario)

Smart Thermostats could lower residential consumers' energy bills up to 30%.

Whether it's seeing who is at your front door, adjusting the temperature while you're away or being empowered to control other key functions in your home or business; most everything can be done from your smart phone.

The options are endless but between installation, integration with other products, privacy concerns, monitoring services and managing upfront costs; there is plenty to think about when considering security for your home or business.


Because of this there are hundreds of dedicated security and automation authorized dealers across Canada offering everyday home and business owners everything they need as an all in one bundled solution.


Intelife LP works with select authorized dealers across Canada that provide quality service to the homes and businesses in their community.

The global smart home market was valued at $76 billion in 2018 and is expected

to reach $151 billion by 2024.





Smart Home Customer Testimonial

“Living on my own is great but did have worries about safety so decided to get a security system for my condo. I got the automatic door lock which I love and the video doorbell and phone app so can see and record who is at my door even when I am not there. I feel better knowing that my condo is monitored all the time. Thx!!!”


~ Shawna M

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