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Recurring Monthly Revenue: The Modern Revenue Model

As consumers, we don’t buy much outright anymore; over the years we have learned to buy with monthly payments. Most of us recognize this when it comes to larger purchases; like purchasing a home, luxury goods, or a car. This article transcends what’s historically been an ‘ownership’ mentality to the service-based world we find ourselves living in today.


In 2001, the decade-long civil war that broke up Yugoslavia was coming to an end. Bojan Konstandinovic, then 13, saw stability begin to slowly return to his country. His mother saw something else. Looking around, she realized that even those with graduate degrees were struggling to make ends meet as the country rebuilt. She understood just how long it would be before recovery would turn to normalcy and eventually prosperity...

Invest Locally

Before Mergers & Acquisitions, prior to stock market IPO’s and even before the modern day printing presses, we were investors. Nothing like we are today, with instant updates streaming to us live through BNN or a plethora of media outlets. No, today we can own a company at 9:35am and decide to sell it just before heading out for lunch...

Degrees of Separation

The word derivative has been well used over the last couple of years. A quick web search reveals countless articles and documentaries on how modern derivatives have plagued our financial system with ever􏰀thing􏰂 from toxic mortgage backed􏰄 securities to the insurance policies that accompanied them...

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